Friday, 26 April 2013


As a part of my belated New Years resolution, I have decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle. I eat healthy, I skip for at least ten minutes everyday after my long walk home from work and I do the occasional stomach crunch if I'm feeling extra bad ass. I actually feel that all of my efforts (over the past ehem....week) really have paid off - I feel unusually cheery, chirpy and generally better about myself!

Maybe it's a psychological thing, who knows...who cares?!

again....I JUST NEED IT!

I fear I will become quite the bag lady if I keep rabbiting on about what I would like to own. But I just cannot help my deepest most inner desires. Yes people ... for a handbag. 

so again....I have spotted a bag that I simply must have. Its beautiful, it looks like a spot on replica of the famous Prada Tote. and its just really so dag nabbiting blooming beautiful. 

What are your thoughts? Should I make a cheeky purchase? 

Thursday, 14 March 2013


So for the first time in about four years I overcame my fears and put the trestles of my hair in the hairdressers evil hands. Whilst I endured this rather surprisingly fun and therapeutic experience, I locked into the latest edition of some magazine that was placed in front of me. I rarely read magazines unless I'm on my holybobs but it was a 'new experience' kind of day.

The first and probably only picture that caught my eye was one of Cara Delevigne (and when she's in any image we all stop and stare). Ever since I saw this image I just feel I need this bag in my life. Usually when I desire an item I believe that I really must have it and my life will not be complete until I do. So for now, as I am pretty penniless, I will have to feel like a part of me is missing.

Does anyone else have this per petulant problem in life or is it just me?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter warm

Love coming in from the snow after a long shift to this and the smell of curry cooking downstairs. Winter is the best for the little things.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Barry M Glitter Nails Review

I absolutely LOVE glittery nails! Especially those by the brand Barry M. With an splash of colour underneath  the effect they have is outstanding! I love the way these varnishes do not need lots and lots of layers to have such presence. 

My favorite is most definitely 'Amythist' (top) as I feel it has such a pretty shimmer and all the colours make their own special appearance in certain light and angles. 'Aqua Glitter' (bottom) made me feel like a mermaid!

I don't believe you can get better value for money, at under £5 (and often on offer), I think these nail polishes are definitely worth the pennies. The only concern I have about using such glittery polishes by Barry M is the time it takes to remove the polish,  however I consider this slight burden to be totally worth the extra cotton wool, remover and elbow grease for that special occasion! 

I really feel these varnishes are the perfect cheap alternative to the likes of cupcake collection by Nails Inc cupcake collection or to caviar nails which I have heard to be quite a hassle!